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Elevation Bend

Spring 2018
Lunch Reservations Thursdays and Fridays Only
11:15, 11:30, 11:45, & 12:00

Reservations:  or 541.318.3735

Fennel & White Bean Soup 6
cannellini beans, toasted fennel oil

Spring Greens Salad 6
quick-pickled root vegetables, lemon, olive oil, fresh mint

Salmon Niçoise 11
Grilled NW Chinook salmon, asparagus, blue potato
olives, spring radish, chive vinaigrette  

Spring Fettuccine 10
Peas, asparagus, butter lettuce, prosciutto, Reggiano

Thai Brisket Sandwich 11
Smoked brisket, pickled vegetables,
green curry mayo, pan au lait, crispy shallots
served with scallion-Jasmine tempera

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