Summer Menu

The past few days surely felt like summer. Waking up early in the morning to get out in the nice crisp air. Spending my days in the kitchen (Thanks to the great new building I have gigantic windows to look out from). Having the students create great new dishes and perfect our old. So what is in this for you, you may ask. Well ill tell you. The SUMMER MENU. Eagerly anticipated and much talked about. We are working on bringing you summer on the plate. Tonight we débuted the summer beat salad. What says summer to you? To me, I know it is right around the corner when the little lambs start showing up in the fields. So we have some fresh Juniper Grove Chevre. Spring flowers create our great summer honey. Beats start to ripen, and how could we ever forget, Cherries! Cherry season is the heart of summer. We combine these into a dish. Our roasted beat salad, honey goat cheese and summer cherries.
Eating summer soon at Elevation Restaurant.