Elevation . . . Fall is in the air.

Well it has happened again.  The anticipation, the start of the term the new eager students, the sharp knifes, new menu, reservation booked.  The beginning of fall quarter has arrived and the students and I have restarted the machine.  The kitchen is a human machine. Infinite moving parts.  The fuel is creativity, eager students, amazing produce and our growing base customers.  Each one of these is essential to the machine running.  Without one our machine does not function.

The students arrived that first day.  They may have communicated with previous classes but seeing is believing.  The anticipation of the first day in Elevation is thick in the air.  Even i am nervous and a little, dare i say, scared.  The great thing is that with all the smiles and the warm greeting as soon as we all step into that class we become one, a human machine.  It takes time to build the machine properly.  The student have the skills the class has its structure it is just a matter of plugging those two things together.

I am thrilled with this group of students.  Cheerful, passionate, eager, skillful are just some words.  We are ready to take this kitchen for a drive.  The fall air keeping us cool and harvest season kicking in.  Fall term is gonna be great.

Eat Well, Love Life. See you in the restaurant.