Our Nose To The Wind

Recently I just drove across the country.    Why is a long story but there was one constant the whole way.  The scenery was ever changing, the sun rose and set yes but over a different horizon each time.  The one constant,  my dog Sophie’s nose out the window.  Usually it is just her nose but some times she is so joyous about the feeling that the wind fills her mouth and her jowls flap in the air.  Its a site to see, a 75 lb. German Shepherd in pure bliss.  What can we learn from this.  It can relate directly to food. Food is an adventure.  Sophie spent the whole trip tasting smelling creating memories just from the air.  As people we have the good fortune to create meals, share them and remember the time we had through flavor memories.  Sophie does the same.  Sniffing her way across the country remember most likely how to get home.  We do this with food.  Tasting our way through life, Sushi, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Caribbean, whatever it may be we smell the air taste through our travel, but when we want to relax what do we do? We go home.  The comforting smell of a dish our mother or father or grandparents make.  No matter where we are we can smell our way home through food.  Keep your nose to the wind and enjoy your holidays, family and friends.

Chef Justin