First Service of the Semester

Well it has come and gone.  That is the game in the restaurant industry.  You try your best, your team works hard.  everybody puts their head down and works as one.  The machine churns on.  All words uttered often by people in the industry.

Tonight was no different.  The students at Elevation restaurant have the skills and it shows.  The tickets start rolling in, at first there is apprehension and questions, but soon you see it come together.  Everybody is communicating.  Short quick words that let everybody else know what they are doing and how close they are to ready.  The servers file in in and take colorful plates away and the process starts all over.

Service as we call it is a game, almost a sport, a craft and a bit of art.  We do it because we love the game, we love the craft, we love the art and across the board everybody would say its a work out.

Great job to everybody on this first day.  Just like the student i was nervous, i had questions but i would never admit it. 😉