Summer is here . . . I thought.

Summer is here.  The solstice has come and gone.  My yard is in full bloom, the cherries are sweetening, the strawberries are red through and through.  I cant get enough fruit this time of year.  Water, who needs water when you have watermelon.

We are starting to put together the menu for elevation.  Testing the recipes, testing our purveyors.  We have a few new ones and a few old ones.  They all work in harmony to supply us with the best produce so we can give you the best food.  Tender Greens are providing us with the nicest little sorrel, Anderson Vally ranch is giving us amazing racks of lamb.  Did you know Garbanzo beans are grown here.  Yep.  we have those too.

Looking forward to summer.  Yes i am.  .  .  My stomach is too.

Cheers and see you all soon.  We open for dinner July 5th.